Jack Corcoran Shooting Pigeons Manchester guitar backstage

Meet Jack Corcoran, lead singer and guitarist with Manchester indie band, “Shooting Pigeons.”

I took this photo of Jack just before he was about to go on stage at Manchester University Students’ Union, where they were the headline act.

It is a special privilege to be allowed to go backstage – whether it is to watch racing drivers in the pits as they get ready to go out and race or to watch a band as they go through their pre-gig warm up routines. It gives a photographer the chance to tell more of a story and show the building tension before a performance. In the same way I showed racing driver Wayne Boyd getting “into the zone” in a previous post, this is an image of the band’s front man getting “into the zone” before going on stage and performing in front of a packed house. Both take a special kind of self-belief.

Manchester bands have a certain persona which I would summarise in one word – “attitude.” Jack has it by the bucket full, which is why he is such a good front man.

When I shoot bands back stage, I usually go for a look that is reminiscent of late 1970s Rolling Stone Magazine coverage of bands. It’s a vintage look which is meant to reproduce the soft look of Ilford FP4 film (my favourite Black and White film back then.) I processed the photo in Photoshop, using On-One Software’s Perfect B&W actions, using an action called “Rugged.” It makes me want to get one of my Canon Eos 1 film cameras out and shoot some rolls of FP4 for old time’s sake.

On the night, the boys – nailed it.

As usual.

Photo taken 16th November 2012 with a Canon Eos 5D Mk II and a 17mm – 35mm lens set to 27mm. Exposure 1/200 second at f5.0, ISO 400, using a Canon Speedlite 550EX.

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