The Kelpies

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The Kelpies

Believe it or not – this is a colour photograph, despite looking like a Black and White image.

Meet Duke and Baron, two Clydesdale horses that were the inspiration for a sculpture “The Kelpies” that was errected in Falkirk, Scotland in 2013.

At its highest point, this sculpture is 100 ft high and each head weighs 300 tonnes. The project cost £5 million to create and, as well as being the largest equine sculpture in the world, they are the largest public artwork in Scotland.

In mythology, a Kelpie was a supernatural shape-shifting creature that often took the form of a horse. Sculptor Andy Scott based this sculpture on two working Clydesdale horses but the sculpured heads do seem to change shape as the light changes or as you walk around the installation. Made of stainless steel, the sculpture reflects the sky around it, which is why the grey sky that is reflected in the stainless steel tiles, makes this photograph look like a Black and White image.

I’ve seen photos of The Kelpies that have been taken in bright sunlight and they look completely different.

If you are anywhere near Falkirk on your travels, we would recommend a visit to this amazing installation. It’s only as you walk towards The Kelpies that you appreciate the sheer scale of this work and they actually look quite intimidating at first. But when you learn that they are a tribute to the gentle giants of the equine world, which played such a vital part in Scotland’s industrial past, you see them in a different way.

Something tells me I will be photographing The Kelpies over and over again.

Photograph taken 4th September 2015 with a Canon Eos 5D Mk III and a 24mm – 70mm lens set to 24mm. Exposure 1/320 second at f 6.3. ISO 100.


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