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This photograph was taken exactly 50 years ago in the year that England won the World Cup.

It was taken in the revolving restaurant on the (then GPO Tower) in London, which had opened in 1965. On the right is a gentleman called John Butters. On the left is a business colleague of his called John Matheson. Behind him is John Matheson’s rather earnest looking son.

That’s me. Age 6.

Fast forward.

My parents are no longer with us. I found this photograph in a box of photos that were in my parents’ attic when I cleared their house out in 2014. I can remember every detail about this, 50 years on. It was at the Ideal Homes Exhibition and my highlight of that event was meeting the boxer Henry Cooper. An absolute gentleman.

The lesson for everyone is – get your photographs printed, whether it is on your home computer / printer, one of the high street and supermarket outlets or by mail order.

I know too many people who have lost years of memories when their smartphone or computer hard drive fails. Don’t trust digital back ups of your most precious memories. Whatever format of digital media you back up onto now will not be around for the next generation. Remember floppy discs and Betamax video?

Yes – paper photos can be lost but I have a box of family photos that go back to before I was born and they still look good.

I have a rather Zen view of photographs. I feel that if people aren’t viewing them then they might as well not exist. I’m getting this one framed and will keep it in my study.

After 50 years of being in a box in the attic, that only seems right.

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2 Responses to The Print

  1. Zoe Dawes says:

    So agree Angus about the importance of printing off photos and not relying on digital. Can’t think how many thousands of pictures I have on the phone and pc yet hardly any over the last few years in print. You’ve made me realise I must send some off to be printed asap!

    • Thanks for your comments, Zoe!

      At the time of writing this message, I am in the process of scanning a load of old photos for Southport Rugby Club, so they can be combined in a single montage and printed onto 30″ x 18″ panels. I guess the moral is – never throw a print away!