The stories behind ten photographs

The stories behind 10 photographs

The ten photographs that now make up the landing page of our website

Ten Photographs

I took advantage of some free time between Christmas and New Year to do some housekeeping on our website and to select 10 photographs that would represent the variety of work we undertake. It’s one of those jobs you keep putting off until you have to.

I’ve added several new photos to the online galleries and, with the exception of a favourite photo that I’ve retained, have changed all the photos on the landing page of

Over the next couple of weeks or so, I will be writing about each photograph – the story behind it, how I took the photograph, the settings I used and so on. I will explain why I chose each photograph.

I began as a sports photographer, specialising in motor racing. It’s still a great love of mine but over the years, I have been doing more cricket and rugby. I will tell you the techniques and settings that I use.

I was taught portraiture by the top photography school in the country and this is an area of work where Liz and I really enjoy working together. I’ll describe how I approached three very different portrait shoots.

Another favourite is event photography where I can give you some tips that will deliver great results, even if you are only using a smartphone.

Product photography is another favourite – particularly food. I’ll show you how to make even a humble dish look great. I’ll then show you an idea for making your holiday photographs look very different to everyone else’s.

I’ll also give some hints as to how you can improve your own photography; it’s not all about having expensive kit.

I’ll begin with the story behind the two young cricketers – a photograph that has served me well since I took it and which you can see as a large canvas wrap print, hanging at Southport & Birkdale Sports Club.

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